MAELDrop #17 | The approval of EU Nature Restoration Law

After a break, our MAELDrops are back!

The summer brought us some really good news: in July the Nature Restoration Law was approved! The approval of this law represents a key step towards the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the EU Green Deal, by setting a binding legal framework for Member States to plan and achieve ecosystems’ restoration targets.

The Nature Restoration Law sets as an overall target the restoration of at least 20% of the EU’s land and marine areas by 2030 and ultimately all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050. Specific marine targets include “the restoration of habitats in marine ecosystems”.

It was not a foregone conclusion that the Nature Restoration Law would be passed!

That is why at MAELSTROM we are celebrating its approval: environmental degradation, habitat and biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution are proceeding unabated, and the consequences are visible, undeniable and… scary! It is no longer time to procrastinate decisions, instead, we need politicians to make clear and decisive choices, recognizing the interdependence of human and natural well-being!