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    The AIR Centre series “Marine Biodiversity Networking Friday” featured the MAELSTROM project in a special episode on February 10th, 2023. This was a significant event dedicated to exploring the intricate relationship between Marine Litter and Biodiversity. In this context, marine ecosystems are facing unprecedented pressures, with ML considered an emerging issue that threatens environmental and human health. The urgency of finding effective solutions to monitor and remove ML from ecosystems, while also reducing plastic consumption through awareness and the promotion of good practices, is crucial for building a sustainable society and future. This overarching objective is at the core of the MAELSTROM project.

    Organized by the CIIMAR partner, in collaboration with The Atlantic International Research Centre (AIR Centre) and the Group on Earth Observations Marine Biodiversity Observation Network (GEO-MBON), the webinar unfolded within the framework of Networking Fridays, an international collaborative effort addressing global challenges and local priorities in the Atlantic Ocean. This webinar is recognized as a UN Ocean Decade affiliated event global challenges and local priorities in the Atlantic Ocean.

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